Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bond on Jeans Street

Jeans Street, Bandung
I haven't been to see Skyfall yet, but I just spotted it was four years ago today that I saw Quantum of Solace.

I wasn't impressed with the film - too much action at the expense of character. But I was impressed with where I went to see it - off 'Jeans Street' in Bandung, Java.

Last time I was in Bandung a local student showed me around and we ended up in Jeans Street. Like many places around the world, but totally unlike Britain, all the shops that sell the same thing are in the same street.  I have mixed feelings about this - it's great for the consumer who only wants one thing, competitively priced. But if you want to buy more than one kind of thing at once it must mean more legwork.

Jeans Street, circa 1992
So I was fascinated by this one street full of shops selling jeans, all frantically trying to attract your attention with ridiculous shop fronts - banners and flags and giant papier mache sculptures bulging from the shop fronts.

Spidey's excited about Jeans
You know I'm a sucker for mad things in the street (apart from that woman who used to shout at me in Liscard) so on my round the world trip 4 years ago, Java was on the itinerary again because I'd been really taken with it. As we happened to be passing through Bandung, we made a detour to see how things were looking.

And this is what I found. More images here.

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  1. Wow! They know a little something about marketing. Now I want to go to Java.

    1. It is a fascinating place - lots of volcanoes! - but the traffic is hell these days (I don't think there was any last time I was there!?!)

  2. Spiderman certainly does seem happy about the jeans! Loved the photos and definitely adding Java to my list now. Here in Seoul they put all the stores selling the same thing together, too, which doesn't make any sense to my Western capitalistic brain, but it seems to work for them.