Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The plot thickens...

I blogged last month about my 'secret admirer' Valentine.

I still have no idea who it is, but another gift and letter appeared in the library last week addressed to me. Well-written, witty, with poetic interludes, the letter doesn't give much away except that he may read this blog, has seen my writing online and, oh yes, he wants me to meet him.

He names a time and a public place... nothing sinister. But if he has the confidence and covert skills to deliver two red packages in a public place entirely un-witnessed, along with the words and chocolates, is there a cloak and dagger?

How to take this depends very much whether your fictional leanings are romantic (think: Cyrano de Bergerac, Milk Tray man, You've Got Mail) or something darker (think: Scream, One Hour Photo, Phantom of the Opera). I have mixed feelings. The idea of being whisked away to an underground lair by a mysterious devotee is romantic in fantasy but not something you would necessarily wish to really happen.

If I don't show up, he says he may 'declare himself' to me in the library. Awkward - especially if he is a regular borrower. My mystery packages have generated interest amongst co-workers who have taken to looking at everyone I talk to funny. Also, being approached at work when we're very busy (we've been short staffed and hard-pressed lately) could be tricky. 8-/

But anyway, I won't be showing up at the time and place suggested - it clashes with a rare visit from my brother who is taking the family to lunch in New Brighton that day to celebrate Easter and my Dad's birthday. But I have no way of telling my secret admirer that I have another engagement...

...except, perhaps, this.