Friday, 21 December 2012

The End is not quite 'nigh' - official

Regular readers will know I've been to (or near to) the end of the world a couple of times:

1. Ushuaia, which bills itself as such, being the southernmost city in South America (and, as someone tweeted this morning: The Mayans gave us Cocaine, Chocolate and Tobacco. We were fools to believe anything they say.)

2. Armageddo (or Har Megiddo) in Israel, which I chiefly remember for a rather racy snogging session in the underground tunnels the first time I visited.

But just a little word of warning from Death Star PR: George Lucas thinks the world will end in 2012 but what does HE know? It's not like he invented a giant planet-destroying laser or anything. Or like he has enough money to build it even if he HAD invented one...

So what would you be doing today if it really was The End?


  1. What would I be doing? Pinching myself...a lot!

  2. I suspect it would be a lot like my actual Friday evening: drinks, a favourite musician, general silliness and a bit of writing to cap it all off.

  3. Riding my horse while hugging my family and drinking a pint of beer with pork scratchings on the side. Oh, and listening to Bach.

  4. I would be in a bob sleigh...something I could never do unless the world was due to end.