Wednesday, 29 July 2020


I'm afraid I have been very neglectful of the the poor old blog for the last few… erm… eek… years! But I have reasons, both bad and good. (No dogs, no homework.)

I stopped blogging regularly in 2014 -  a real annus horribilis for me. Against a background of personal changes in my own life, my father became very ill, then passed away. I had a change of home, trauma at work, a bit of a meltdown and was suddenly my elderly mum’s ‘go-to’ person as she also changed home and came to terms with a new life. All pretty high-scoring stuff on the stress register!

But through all this was the loving and steadfast support of my erstwhile Secret Admirer. He made my life bearable, and ultimately delightful. Long story short... we committed, bought a house together and became Mr & Mrs. 

I’ll put some pictures up in my next blog... the wedding had a literary theme, as you may expect. Watch this space!

Things were mostly lovely, although there were still stresses... staffing was reduced 75% at work and we were required to work at 20 different branches at the drop of a hat. My hubby lost his mum just before our wedding and my mum now needed help (including moving again!). Then last year she passed away too, very suddenly

Anyway. The anxiety all came back and I wasn't coping well at work so I decided to leave it. I'm feeling much better now. More my old self... I've even started writing again.

So here I am... did I miss anything?