Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Theatrical Manoeuvres in the Dark

I promise to stop going on about it after this, but just wanted to share some pics of the premiere of 'Enola Gay' on Sunday. The play, which I co-wrote, had various teething troubles but it really was all right on the night - we got a really positive response from the 80 or so people who came - including Andy McCluskey from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, who wrote the 1980 song of the same name and kindly allowed us to use it.
Writers Naomi Green (far left) and me with the cast,
producer John Gorman (far right) and Andy McClusky
Our Japanese star, Kana Nagashima with harpist
Keiko Sassa. The stage was split between an
apartment in Hiroshima and the front of the
American B29, 'Enola Gay' during its mission to
drop the world's first atomic bomb on the city.
Andy McCluskey said I'd written 'a great script' *blushes*
We're hoping to have a short run of it in the autumn, but meanwhile, here's the original video of the song from 1980:


  1. Nice pics, Claire. Here's hoping the short run in the autumn grows and grows. I met Andy McCluskey around 1981, when OMD were playing in Cornwall. He won't remember me, as I was only one of many staff members chuffed to exchange nods with him.

  2. Excellent, looked an awesome night well done :-)
    regards nm

    1. Thanks mister! And for your help publicity-wise... I'm glad our paths crossed on Sunday (don't worry - I was hugging EVERYONE that day!)

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  4. Very impressive! you should have posted a video of it so we can get even more of flavour. Lovely picture of you (second to last). It's nice to see you when you aren't behind a flower ;-) !!

    1. A friend did video it but haven't seen it yet... may post an excerpt. Hey - do you watch Lloyd-Webber Superstar thingie? Mike (third from left in first pic) got thru to the last 30 tonight!... and no further! aw bless! 8-(

  5. P.S. That 'boycott american women' man needs his danglies chopping off