Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bossiepoo and Schnoodle

Dalmapoo and Rough poo ('artist's' impression... ahem)
We had a border collie when I was growing up. Her name was Scooby - we'd been told she was a 'he' at the puppy shop. The Dooby Doo was optional (the Dooby Doo is always optional.)

I'd like a dog but I'm put off by the moulting. In the exhibition currently on at the library there's a nice oil landscape that's only just visible through a thin veneer of pet hairs.  That's the reason for the current trend in crossing other dogs with poodles, which apparently don't shed hairs.

You have probably heard of the labradoodle and possibly the cockerpoo, but there are some you may not have come across:
  • Bossie-Poo (Boston terrier / poodle)
  • Giant Schnoodle (Giant Schnauzer / Standard Poodle)
  • Pekingese / Poodle mix.. wait for it.... Pekepoo!
  • Saint Berpoodle
  • Welsh Terrier / Poodle mix - Woodle
  • and possible the cutest ... the Westiepoo

I'm not making these up - you can see the full, extraordinary list on Dog Breed Info / Poodlemix

Where will it all end?  How to choose between Boxenese and Aire-enese? The small but vicious Yorkieweile, the lascivious Cocker-Pinscher or the alarmist Skye-Pointer? What about a nice King Charles Shit?

Things we have learned from this post? 
  1. Never let a child name a dog. You can call a rabbit Neil (you know who you are), but there are some things you just don't want to shout across the park
  2. Don't try painting with oils in the same room as a pet


  1. Cockadoodle?

    I think we accidentally bred some of the first labradoodles when I was a child and our poodle eloped with Buster from down the road

    Ps i know just the dog for you! My daughter has delightful Geoffrey; a wire haired miniature dachshund. No moulting, hates exercise. Loves cuddles. What's not to like? I even know one looking for a home..

    1. 'eloped'? You make it sound very romantic!

      I just googled wire haired miniature dachshund - so-o-o-o cute! I'm not quite in a position yet to get a dog, but my mum's been looking for a small dog that's calm and already house-trained, so....?

  2. ...cocker-pinscher....hahahahahaha....and dying to know what you'd call a Shi-Tzu/Poodle mix?...(Language question: is this 'moulting' the same thing as 'shedding' in the US? Over here, things with fur 'shed' but things with feathers and shells 'moult.' Snakes -oddly - shed, too. I have no idea why.)

    1. That was my first thought - but sadly it's a Shih-Poo! (any relation to the Shee Wee? Or do you not have them in the US?)

      Yes moulting is shedding.

  3. Years ago, I used to have Samoyeds. I vacuumed twice a day, every day. Loved the breed, but keeping them and my house pristine was a full time job.

    1. I don't really do 'pristine' ... but I draw the line at fur everywhere!

  4. What is slightly annoying is that all of these used to be called "mutts" and were free to a good home. Now they are 600 quid a throw.

    I was discussing this with my pet Rhino Neil the other day....

    1. I know! I had no idea how much a 'proper' breed is! But it's still cheaper than having children (which I also understand you can't sell in the small ads if they start to annoy you)

  5. I laughed too much once I got to the Yorkieweiler, and I've got a bad chest so I've been choking!

    Odd, odd, those mixes of dog which suddenly cost a fortune - A friend of mine's daughter has a jack russell crossed with a pug, a jug - Not pretty, when I googled them, although I haven't seen him in the flesh, as it were.

    A farmer friend recently tried to palm us off with one of his dog's puppies which were collie crossed with jack russell - Google those pictures, enough to put you off your breakfast for a month!

    My vote's for the miniature dachshund too - Love them, want one or two, but not while I'm working too hard...


    Fhi x

    1. Eek! See what you mean about the 'jugs' (looks like the kind of abomination I might have come up with in Photoshop!) but I think the collie/Jack Russell cross looked quite sweet... what are they called... Jollies?

  6. Puddles? (pug/poodle)

    Oh, this game could run and run...

  7. wow, I never heard of Giant Schnoodle yet. We're more into Miniature Schnoodle since more and more pet lovers want a smaller breed of dogs as pets. Plus they are easier to handle and take care of.

    Amey xoxox
    Ameys Puppies