Thursday, 25 October 2012

Trick or Treat?

Woooo...ooooh! *creepy music* - one of my spooky stories is now available on the Ether Books app, and it's FREE to download.

'Trick or Treat?' is a flesh-crawling tale of a young girl with a big secret. Here's an excerpt:

The bathroom radiator clanged cheerfully, but her skin had tightened with gooseflesh. She climbed into the shower and stood under the gushing head of it without moving, mesmerized by the scarlet spinning down the plughole. She closed her eyes.

‘I’m not a witch.’ She whispered. ‘I’m not witch.’

The man had said she must be – she was dressed like one. His voice was soft, but his eyes bored into her like the priest on Good Friday when he talked about redemption, damnation - words she did not fully understand.  Continue reading on the Ether Books app

Ether Books is a fab short-fiction app for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Simply download the app and search for my name: Clare Kirwan (it's a different - picture of me than usual - see top left).


  1. Oooh blimey, that does sound spooky. I shall go and have a look ..... (you're a bit good aren't you?!)

  2. I guess we were both thinking spooky stories lately.

    1. eeek... I was intrigued and went over to your blog... creepy!

  3. Nice - I'll have something to read on my commute tomorrow!