Monday, 4 November 2013

Movies about Libraries

When I asked why there were no songs about librarians, I was immediately and roundly rebuffed HERE.  Prompted by a friend, who came up with a few of their own, I couldn't resist asking on Twitter what movies there were about libraries, and was met with similar silliness from various tweeps   

Lady And The Stamp    @Gamiliell   

‏Silence please of the lambs    @Gadgerpvfc67  

‏Rumble Fiche     @carrhill 

‏One Fine A Day     @CarolDrummond4  

‏Das Book     @kilt_monster  

‏The Truth about Catalogued & Dog-Eared     @Martinquinn66  

‏‏Tome Raider  and  Dude, Where's My Card?     @Trudski2012

Lost in Circulation     @lumdog2012

‏Me, My Shelf, and Irene    @larrymeath

‏50 First Due Dates     @WiselinePRT 

‏Dewey The Right Thing     @dkobert  

The Da Vinci Barcode     @mitdasein   

Hello Trolley!     @larrymeath   

Rushhhhh     @JPKillham

Mississippi Browsing     @DanCarpenter85

Anyone care to add any more?


  1. Batman Returns
    All Quiet Along The Westerns Front
    Romance In The Tome
    200.1 A Religious Odyssey
    The Borrowers
    Close In-counters of the Third Kind


    1. Ooooh, get you with your Dewey reference. Impressive!

      Good work, Q. Top of the class.

  2. The Hunt for Read October
    and why has nobody suggested...
    THE BORROWERS (1997)

  3. Love me, Lender, Love me True
    To Borrow, to Borrow...
    Tome, Sweet Tome
    Oh, I Dewey like to be beside the Seaside

    1. Just realised you wanted films, not songs. Back to the drawing board...

    2. Oh, but they were really good songs, Fran! Better than many that came up last time!

  4. More library songs.

    Dog Eared Cover From Liverpool
    I Left My Card In San Francisco
    The Spy Who Leafed Me (oops, that was a film,of course)
    Under Pressure (being a bit political there)
    I Just Called To Pay My Book Fine
    I'm Still Stamping


  5. Haha! More good 'uns. I like the first especially. Although they're supposed to be films!

    Here's some more...
    Spinal Tag
    Full Plastic Jacket
    Fining Nemo

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  7. Never realised there were so many! Kudos to all libraries and librarians!