Thursday, 28 January 2010

Here comes the pun!

They can't kill you for it - but they'd like to.

I have a genetic tendancy towards the dreadful pun - let's blame the parents (well, dad anyway, mum just sighs). And it's hard, you know. People don't always appreciate your little gems. You find yours bons mots greeted with groans. It's even described (mostly by people not clever enough to pun well) as the lowest form of wit.

It was late in life that I discovered 'I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue' but was always frustrated that there wasn't enough time to join in when they had to come up with, for example, Welsh films like 'Dai Hard' or 'Where Eagles Aberdare'.

But hurrah, hurrah and thrice hurrah! I have discovered my spiritual home in Twitter.

I was at first confounded by this concise (140 characters) and sometimes inscrutable social networking site. Then I discovered hashtags. In Twitter the '#' symbol helps you to search for specific subjects. Anyone 'tweeting' about the iPad would include #ipad in their tweet and if you search #ipad you'll get a million tweets about it. But it isn't all political commentary and teccy chat - there are hashtags for people like me

The first one I stumbled across was #filmsmadescottish and here are some of the gems that people were coming up with:
  • Glenfiddler on the Roof
  • Nevis say Nevis Again
  • There's Something About Moray
  • Perth Girls are Easy
  • Sporrandipity
  • Ayrplane
  • Och Aye, Robot
  • and (personal favourite) Cheaper wi' ye' Cousin
I thought it was a one off, but it goes on. Next it was #ozfilms:
  • Mortal Wombat
  • Digeridoo the Right Thing
  • Melbourne on the Fourth of July
  • Outback to the Future
  • Look, Roos Talking
  • Possum Unmissable (one of my own, ahem)
Then #scifipop... then #ITVroyalmail... oh and I forgot about #middleclasssongs (Everybody was Feng Shui Fighting, Chim chim chiminera, Hove is a Many-Splendored Thing etc etc)

I could go on. Come and join me! @ClareKirwan


  1. There are many things I could be doing,
    but here I am, just me and you-ing.

  2. Oooh - I love having my own lines quoted back to me!! It's like the way some people can't go into B&Q anymore without thinking of me (long story, well, long poem actually)

  3. and Q, and Q, and Q ...

    That was the first time I ever met you, way back in 2004 and I bought your book on the strength of your performance!

  4. Oh, yes! I sense a quirky humour a bit like mine. Thank goodness...I am not alone...

  5. You are certainly not alone - there are PUNdreds of us out there!!
    Thanks for following!