Saturday, 28 January 2012


My first published story of the year is a wee one.

It's not quite as wee as the 6-word stories I wrote about in this post but at Twitter-length of 140 characters, Nanoism's stories aren't exactly verbose. But they still have the power to say more than they say.

My story is HERE.


  1. Just read your story - it is totally brilliant. How on earth did you think it up? Very well done!

  2. You see? You're a budding author.

  3. That's got to be the best short story I've ever read. Well done!

  4. Excellent, and it got me busy making up the backstory in my mind. So clever!

  5. Frances - You don't want to know!

    Martin - Let's hope I have a bright fuschia!

    Maria - Wow! I'm honoured that you say that *blushes fetchingly*

    MsCaroline - I think short short stories are like poems in that they expect the reader to do a lot of the work! 8-)