Friday, 18 May 2012

The Odd Couplet... and other Poetical Films

One of the things I love about Twitter is how it's become a natural home for the dreadful pun. I've blogged before* about Hashtag games, where people compete to come up with the worst puns on a particular subject - usually a mash up of film titles, songs, animals and some topical theme.

This week I had a lot of fun with #poeticalfilms ... I don't know who started it but was surprised how many took it up and ran with it. Here are some of my faves...

Faust Amongst Equals

2001: A Space Ode Essay

Crocodile Spondee

Doggerel Day Afternoon
Raiders of the Lost John Cooper Clarke


Private Betjeman
Die Hardy
Whitman Can't Jump


Silence of the iamb

Rimbaud: First Blood

The Men Who Stare At Goethe
Honey I Shrunk The Keats
Debbie Does Ballads
The Odd Couplet


Look Ted Hughes Talking

Mad Max Beyond The Palindrome

The Hitchhaiku

The Hughes Brothers
Dead Men don't wear Plath.


Con Ayres

Haiku Fidelity

Here are some of my own: ‏

For Whom the Belloc Tolls
Anapest in Show
Truly, Madly, Hegley
Baudelaire of the White Worm
Woolf Creek
Quatrain Man

and of course Carol Ann Duffy the Vampire Slayer


and, a personal favourite... drum roll...

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day of the triffids

Go to it! You may not be on twitter, but you can still join in here...

* Why are there so many songs about librarians?


  1. You asked for it... A Walk on the Oscar Wilde side...Walter Scott of the Antarctic...Ralph Waldo Emerson, Lake and Palmer...The Wizard of Ozymandias...Alexander Pope Must Die... and the one I'm most proud of, though I know I'm stretching the definition of 'poet'...Pam Ayres in a G-string.

    1. LOVE The Wizard of Ozymandias!!... but I'll not hear a word against our Pam! ;-)

    2. I still have a book of hers I was given as a child. My favourite was My Mother had a flit gun...

  2. Four beddings and some fun for all?

    1. Oops. Misread the instructions? Anyone for Tennyson doesn't work either, and Winnie the Poe won't do. I'll get back to my cooking...

    2. Ooh, you just made me think of another... The Poe-Between

    3. p.s. you make your own rules, luvvie!

  3. LOL - that's all a bit cerebral for me dahlink! Funny though.

    I am trying to make inroads into understanding Twitter, but I have to admit, I haven't 'got it'. I shall perservere so that I can partake in the fun!

  4. Argh, I love these hashtag games, but I'm always in a rush. Going part-time in September, and will hopefully have more time to waste time.

  5. Crocodile Spondee seems to have swapped roles with Terror Dactyl