Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Finding Acceptance(s)

My (tiny) story is bottom left, click the link (below) for more
I have written before about unusual, griping or downright rude submission guidelines HERE and about subsequent cruel / kind / offhand rejections HERE

But I feel a whole new seam has opened up from the mouths of editors in the form of acceptances:

How about this for a recent acceptance from Penny Fiction at Haunted Waters (which I'm hoping is their standard acceptance blurb and they haven't just singled me out for such a begrudging 'yes' and churlish afterword):

"To my surprise, I found your story to be quite agreeable...... Now that I know what you are capable of, you have no excuses for submitting work of lesser quality in the future."

I should mention this is the first story I have submitted to this market so this is not a reflection on previous attempts!

I also had this from the editor of Green Prints (aka 'the weeder's digest') rejecting a poem she otherwise liked because elements of it: "...may offend people who do have such faith.  Why? I have no desire to and see no purpose in antagonizing them; many of them are good, loving people."  I know - you're thinking what the hell did I write? ... Suffice to say that of course she was right and after I made some simple revisions the poem has now been accepted. I'm not sure if the publication will be online but I'll flag it up if it is.

Is a rejection almost preferable to a grudging response or being held accountable for upsetting the readers? Nope.


  1. Despite this work being of the same standard as previous entries on this site, I shall continue to read it.

  2. Can't remember the last time I submitted anything for publication, but I think I'd prefer a straight yes or no, rather than a grudging acceptance. I admire your stickability, BB!

  3. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this editor doesn't have the skills to write a proper acceptance letter.

    On the other hand, I like to read between the lines and I suspect this editor might have an underlying superiority complex.

    Given her response, would you submit to her again?

  4. Any acceptance is better than a rejection. I think she was jealous.

  5. I think it was supposed to amuse rather than anything meaner, but it was a surprise! I replied saying I was '...moderately pleased' to have been accepted. 8-)

    And yes, I'd send more stuff in that direction - they have various short fiction platforms which I like and competitions too!

  6. Maybe it is supposed to weed out sensitive souls? I suppose I could manage to persuade myself it was mildly amusing but mostly I want to say "Well, that's just rude." Good job I can never get round to actually submitting anything! There are advantages in procrastination after all.

  7. I see you are victim to Anonymous and his/her various guises. Are you going to write a comment, rejecting the work they've sent in?.. I've had to re-start moderating comments to stop all this. Well done on all the acceptances - you're a bit prolific, aren't you?!

    1. They usually get headed off at the pass but I don't want to put comment moderation so I may weather it a little longer! And yes, I have been getting stuff 'out there' ... more in the pipeline too! But it's just bits of things - did I hear you have a new book coming out?