Thursday, 24 June 2010

Call for Random Facts

This is just a quickie - but do pass the idea on if you enjoy it.

Maria Zanini (currently stranded in Texas and in need of entertainment) asked her followers to post in the comments one random thing about themselves... and then carry the torch to our own blogs, list six more about themselves, and invite their own followers to do the same. The weirder the better. 

(Karen has something similar in Get on With It having been served with some kind of 'Honesty award'... some kind of ASBO I understand)

So here goes:

  1. I can recite Hamlet's soliloquy from memory (for no good reason) - which is why I am so rarely invited to parties
  2. I was once 'second reserve' on Who Wants to be a Millionaire... but nobody died
  3. I was a virgin bride in 1985 (used to be Catholic but alright now... well, I say 'alright...')
  4. I have never been arrested, but I have arrested someone ... that's another story for another time
  5. I was filing my books, CDs, DVDs, poems, herbs and spices into alphabetical order LONG before I started the library job (but not the clothes - that would be silly. They go in colour order of course!)
  6. I'm chronically indecisive, often paralyzed by indecision - I can also see both sides of every coin/ argument. 
  7. I'm a born-again gardener - grow loads of veggies, fruit and pretty stuff - but I've never successfully grown a gazebo from seed.

There we go - I've shown you mine, now show me yours on your own blogs - and drop a note in the comments box when you have!


  1. This is great too!! Oh man, there just isn't enough time in the day for all the posts I'd like to write/read/compusively edit. I loved reading your list, BB - very fun to learn more about you.

  2. One random fact? I can wiggle my ears by making my scalp move...

  3. Ref: reserve Millionaire

    And that wasn't enough for you to commit

  4. I've just done something similar (but different) over at mine :o)

    Am rather ashamed that my bookshelves are such a mess when I'm actually very tidy at the library. Mind you I get paid there ...

    (Word verification is 'apefan'. That is NOT a random fact about me.)

  5. I'm chronically indecisive, often paralyzed by indecision - I can also see both sides of every coin/ argument.William Huskisson suffered from that, too. As a result he was the first person ever to be run over by a train coming towards him at ten miles per hour. He stood on the line watching it, and was witnessed by spectators hopping indecisively left and then right, unable to decide which way to jump. The train decided for him and we lost a fine President of the Board of Trade. Beware of fast moving vehicles, Broken Biro

  6. Deborah - thanks *blushes coyly*

    Jinksy - I KNEW that about you. I just knew. 8-)

    Maria - Time? Yes, a whole day. But strangely no-one would sit beside me at lunch... just because I murmured something about how quickly food poison can take hold!

    Yes - I saw that after I'd done this - I'll pop a link in. And I don't despise you for loving the other BB 8-)

    Mike - welcome! Sounds like I need to beware of the slow ones too! ! did experiment with just choosing which came first alphabetically (in which case I'd jump to the left!) - but got tired of coffee and missed my tea!