Monday, 27 December 2010

OK, Let it STOP Snowing Now!

Where I live, you can go for years without a dusting, a flurry, or even a frost!

But I've just been making a list of how many times - and where - I've been snowed on during the last few years.

March 2009 - My first proper snow (alright ice) sighting for years and was too much fun NOT to mention - heli-hiking on Fox Glacier, NZ (of which more in a supplemental post to come).

April 2009 - Unexpected blizzard whilst staying in the Mt Cook YHA - unseasonably early (equivalent of early October!). The 2nd picture is near neighbouring Lake Tekapo.

May 2009 - Patagonia. OK, winter in Patagonia we weren't expecting a heatwave. Torres del Paine, Perito Moreno Glacier (3rd pic), and Ushuaia were all quite chilly.

January 2010 - snowed in at home! (4th pic) This never happens.

January 2010 - snowed in in Scotland - twice!

February 2010 - snowed in in Bury. A walking weekend (note absence of the words 'exotic', 'luxury' or 'pampering') turned into a chilly knee-deep stumble in a desperate bid to escape.

March 2010 - Scotland (again). 2-storey mounds of snow outside Tesco in Keith (could have been worse - mounds of snow outside Keith in Tesco)

* there may have been a bit of summer here *

November 2010 - snowed in in Scotland. I mean really snowed in. Read this post.

November 2010 - snowed in in Prague (bottom pic)

December 2010 - snowed in at home again. It is starting to thaw... but the year ain't over yet!

It's just a good job I have a range of cold-weather head-gear you will not fully appreciate from these pictures alone.


  1. If you ask me, it's a good thing you've been putting in the practice. We still have Jan/Feb to go ....

  2. Not to mention your shoe grippers! We have just now started to catch up with you on snow. Blizzard began yesterday and went all night: "a record snowfall of 10.2 inches was set at LaGuardia NY yesterday.
    This breaks the old record of 4.1 set in 1969."

  3. Fortunately it never snows in Norfolk. Well, just on the mountain tops.

  4. Proves one can have too much of a good thing - here's to a quick thaw...

  5. Fran - well, you're a little ray of sunshine, aren't you?

    Rainy - I saw your blizzards on the news - looks terrible. I do hope you're safe and warm.

    Dave - I thought you'd had snow? I shall have to cancel my skiing trip to Swaffham.

    Trellissimo - Greetings! Of course it has entirely thawed after the first time I tried my 'get a grip' traction aids!

  6. Torres del Paine inspired (if that's the right word) one of my blogpoems.
    Lovely pictures. Bury . . ? St.Edmonds or Greater Manchester?

  7. Hi Lucy - I didn't put a pic here as we couldn't get very close because of the snow and ice - your pic and poem are amazing!

    oh, and Greater Manchester, I fear.

  8. That's enough to get me to move some place more tropical. I like looking at snow. But I don't want to live in it. Brrr

  9. You've not seen much snow have you? LOL. Oh, my. There's more due next week in the UK!

  10. Maria - Tropical? I'll get my things!

    Ellie - "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"