Thursday, 30 December 2010

My 2010 Highlights

I always get a bit contemplative this time of year. I suddenly cease to be any fun at parties, preferring to dwell on the year past and

The ten best things that happened to me this year:

1. I got a job as a library assistant. It's the sort of job I'd have liked on leaving school. If that had happened I'd probably still be there and there's no counting the adventures I wouldn't have had. But it's kind of nice to be doing it now - far less stressful than some of my other recent incarnations!

2. You! I started writing this blog last winter, have had lots of unexpected fun and interaction with great fellow-bloggers through venturing into blogland and celebrating my 100th post!

3. Coming second in THREE poetry slams - Liverpool Most Romantic Poet, Liverpool Glam Slam, and the far less glamorous Morton Arms Poetry Competition

4. Learning to cope with the anxiety which has affected me badly over the last few years. From having a panic attack during a yoga relaxation session back in February to...

5. ...celebrating my 200th live poetry performance a few weeks ago (since my first open mic in 2003)

6. A very enjoyable fortnight in Madeira!

7. Lovely short breaks in The Lake District and Prague

8. Earning a total of £287 from writing/performing... *sigh*...must try harder.

9. Many visits to Scotland. Not for nice reasons, but it was good to get to know it a bit better.

10. Arriving at the turn of this year better equipped than at the turn of the last - materially (better gadgets etc) but also emotionally.

What have been the highlights of 2011 for YOU?


  1. I can well understand getting a panic attack during yoga . . . 200 live poetry performances is quite a marker--congrats! Have enjoyed meeting up with you in blogland and look forward to more good times in 2011.

  2. Of course the highlight of 2010 was meeting you here.

  3. Your blog is a breath of air, Clare. It's been a mixed bag for me, this year. The highs have been really high. The lows, well, they've been low.

    Every good wish to you for 2011. Looking forward to much more output from the broken biro!

  4. Rainy - It was quite cathartic, the yoga thing. I've really enjoyed meeting you too!

    Dave - Blessed be your facetiousness & Happy New Year!

    Martin - I thought it best not to mention the lows. Sorry you've had low spots too - here's to better years! *Raises glass of cheap fizz & sharpens biro*

  5. Martin's right - your blog is a breath of fresh air. One of my very bestest favourites. Happy New Year.