Saturday, 7 May 2011

I've been framed!

In my early teens, having wondered for years why teachers didn't write more clearly and buses didn't have bigger numbers on the front, I discovered I was shortsighted. It was a revelation to discover that the world wasn't as fuzzy as I'd first thought!

So I've worn glasses for about 100 years and think nothing of it. (Or I didn't until I made this collage of pics from my life for my 40th and the ONLY thing people commented on* was the SIZE of my specs in the 80's!!)

Here's me looking very trendy as the decade commences...

But here are the ones that everyone finds hysterical,

but which were BIG in the eighties...

It was the fashion - honest!

I wasn't trying to make a spectacle of myself.

Then a more chic, neutral tone for these whoppers...

But then along came the nineties, and I opted

for a more retro John Lennon look...


(see what I did there?... my jokes just get cornea!)

I wore them for much of the nineties when I couldn't afford new ones.

But then I went for smaller - still trendy - frames - like these...

... and also the ones you see in my profile pic

and various permutations of the same.

No-one could take offence at them surely?


Then when I started working in PR I went a bit 'whacky'

-it was in the contract... and there was a 'two for one offer'

so I got these stripy reactalight little beasties:

and the mad lattice red ones which I loved at the time

but then regretted... for the last 3 years!

which makes it odd

that I have chosen new ones

that actually aren't a million miles away...

... apart from being...


... a bit leopard skinny as well

...with a sort of buckle.

I'm not 'selling' them very well am I?

Here goes:

Whaddya think?

* Apart from the really dodgy hairstyles which I have cunningly edited out here!


  1. I can only suggest that you like making a spectacle of yourself. These kinds of posts lens themselves to the poorest puns, you know. Inevitably, you just can't help but retin...absolute stinker.

    Iris Knuffin.

  2. very stylish, and i like your collage

  3. Librarian...glasses...lets hair down...

    We all know where this story goes.

  4. Nobody can accuse you of being square, never mind the glasses... LOL

  5. Oh, god, glasses. I recognize a number of the "looks." I've got so that now, when I go in to get new frames, I default to the same thing over and over, and generally say fine to the first thing the optician pulls out. She looks at me like I'm from outer space, which may not be too far off.

    Anyway, now that you see I have no credibility on this point, I like your new glasses just fine.

  6. Martin - I like the way you vary focal points in your comment!

    Aquamarina - welcome! thanks - the collage is actually much bigger... but I don't think my readers are ready for some of it! ;-)

    Dave - Have you been watching those 'eyebrow movies again?

    Jinksy - Eye 'spec not!

    Rainy - The trouble is they're a bit 'swimmy' - looking through the lower point, everything seems to ripple, which is quite disconcerting... the earth isn't actually rippling is it?

  7. Posts about specs always remind me of Eric Morecambe. That 'put them on wonky' trick he had, and when he used to wiggle them, always had me in fits. Easily pleased ....

  8. Fran - I, of course, am far too mature and sophisticated to indulge in such behaviour!

  9. OMG. I think I had several of those, ranging from pink to black! Your latest glasses look very sheek!

    Ellie Garratt

  10. The new ones are definitely the best. But I do like the John Lennon ones....

  11. Ellie - did I mention I got them FREE from Tesco! (points vouchers with double-up offer on optical stuff + 'free variofocal' offer)... YAY!

    Martin - An ex of mine has been wearing identical ones since 1996... maybe they'll be come back in fashion

  12. Love The specs"Spectacles should be seen as accessories to be updated just as you would update your shoes, suit and handbag"

    Anything eyewear ask away x