Monday, 16 May 2011

Tweets from the ex

I was very disappointed to learn that my ex-husband has stood down from being an independent councillor in his current home town (not Wirral).

I was looking forward to the possibilities, as he rose in politics, to cause him some future embarrassment after he (perhaps foolishly) started following me on Twitter a while ago - as discussed in my 'Look Who's Stalking' post. I followed him back - without ever directly communicating - and watched... and waited.

I can't explain how I came to marry someone who couldn't spell and had really dodgy syntax, but I've been enjoying his tweets. Here are some of my favourites:

@___MP Hope this is the petition at M__, my wife works in W___ Rd in a sandwich shop and it puts people off their food and worse.

(Has she tried a paper bag?)

Pleased to see the move to have dead animal carcasses moved in sealed containers. Would certainly help people of M___.

Can't believe what I am seeing two old chaps standing on the A50 smoking just prior to Stanley Mathews Way. Unbelievable

(What will these people do next?)

We had another meeting meeting this afternoon at the (cont)

(Those 'meeting' meetings are the worst... wonder if they had a pre-meeting meeting meeting?_

More ASB issues in O____ last night fruit thrown at residents windows some names have been given.

(apple... orange... kumquat)

Not yet set in stone but a proposal to save 30 million may include loosing 700 jobs within the council from across directorates.

(release the jobs!!)

Had tea now going to spend some time with little man and have a game of SWAT on PS2. Prior to reading full Council papers again for tomorrow

(this probably isn't funny to anyone else, but when I was growing up 'little man' was what my mum called by brother's willy)

Anyway, following his tweets, I did learn something - maybe. Either he is still the consummate self-publicist, instinctively using new social media to appear to be a pillar of the community, a champion of the rights of young people and local residents, indeed a low-level superhero to the people... or he actually is all of those things. I'd like to believe the latter. It's possible.

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  1. I snorted with pleasure at "release the jobs!"

  2. Still laughing at 'Comma Chameleon'. glad names have been given!

  3. Spending some time little man and playing with a PS2, calls for more manual dexterity than I would have thought possible in a grown man!

  4. Don't bother trying to stalk me on Twitter.

  5. Beastie - That's good - I haven't made anyone snort with pleasure for a while!

    MsCaroline - I love the smell of kumquat in the morning

    Martin - True! I wonder if he can wee while he Wii's too?

    Dave - You're not on Twitter are you? FB would be the place to stalk YOU!

    Vicus - You're welcome.

    I'm still laughing about the wife who puts people off their food... and worse!

  6. Oh,god, how did I miss this. How well you have used your librarian skills to compile this delicious post! (Boy oh boy, I can see it's going to be hard to stay off the internet sites for a while . . .)

  7. Rainy, Rainy... you're not going too are you? What's happened over there at Acorns Mansions? 8-(