Monday, 23 May 2011

Lady Gaga, Librarian?

Thank you, Lady Gaga for explaining why I am peculiarly suited to library work: I, too, live between fantasy and reality.

You can read the full quote from her in the Sun newspaper if you really want to.

Librarians have not all reacted positively to the comment. 'Annoyed Librarian' on lists 5 reasons why lady Gaga could never be a librarian. Ironically her list actually manages to be insulting to librarians on many levels. Amongst the reasons (along with stuff about not filing things properly!): she's young and thin, she's fashionable and she's rich and famous at an age when 'most librarians are still failing in their first career.') And of course, according to some her image was created by copying a librarian!

As I am not especially young, thin or (whisper it) fashionable, and have... not necessarily failed at, I'd call it 'moved on from' ...various other careers, I can hardly quibble. But I'm not a librarian anyway - I'm a library assistant - so I cannot speak on their behalf.

I'm sure you can think of other reasons Lady Gaga is nothing like a librarian, but I've got one for the list: Those heels! She wouldn't last five minutes.

Oh, and I found this on YouTube... enjoy!


  1. I have no idea who this Lady Geiga is, of whom you write. A relative of Lord Geiga, inventor of the Geiga counter, presumably.

    Everyone knows that librarians are hot. It's the sensible shoes and cardigans.

  2. Hilarious video, BB! I envy you your job - now that I know how hip librarians are.

    Mehinks the Lady doth spew a lot of rubbish. I enjoy her choreography, but her messages?

  3. The video wasn't hilarious, it was pure porn.

  4. One of the reasons I got out when I had the chance, was that too many of the ambitious Librarians at management level were just plain ga-ga.

    The profession lost its way, once it became paranoid about having too lowly a status. In HE, there was much snuggling up to academics, in the hope of gilt by association.

    Yes, Lady Gaga is probably just as qualified to call herself a Librarian, as someone who has been through all the twisted hoops, as held up by the professional body, CILIP. Sad, but true.

  5. HA!!!!!!!!! This is so great!

  6. Wonderful video! And I for one, will never look at librarians in quite the same way again.

  7. Dave - Nonsense! She's obviously the alien lovechild of H.R. Giger

    Deborah - She does talk a lot of arty rot, doesn't she?

    Martin - I only joined the library service for the lowly status! Hey - my 'One Year as a Library Assistant' post was picked up by CILIP for their online newsletter thing!!

    Jessica - There's more where that came from...

    Martin - People already look at me funny.

  8. Clare, thanks for chipping in to
    Kaz taught Science at a School in Manchester - you'd have got on like a lab coat on fire!

  9. I love this! And I love my job....from a 'professional' librarian.