Monday, 13 June 2011

Fairy tales... and furry tails

I had a great weekend in Lancaster at the launch of Flashmob - Flax026 - a collection of short fiction which is now available to download free and includes me reading my (true) story: Brother - killed by radiator.

My favourite part was the work of Claire Massey who was launching another Litfest publication: A Book Tale - Flax027, an extraordinary modern fairytale featuring a dress made out of pages of a book (pictured). Isn't it, quite literally, fabulous? Again, you can download it for free by clicking on the link.

At the event I met Sarah-Clare Conlon (who describes herself as a 'Lit Chick' ... damn! I wish I'd thought of that!) , author of the very readable Words and Fixtures - where she talks about the event and describes the 2nd story I read as a 'bit of smut' when there's no mention of actual genitalia. Decide for yourself by reading Parallel Conservatory here.

I also met Ben from We Hate Words - a brand new e-zine which invites short articles on writers (and words) that really wrankle. Now hate is an almost entirely terrible thing, but guess who's in the first issue? Moi, with my hate-affair with the word 'robust.'

Also, David Hartley of 'Do a Barrel Roll' - a real life bunny-hugger who writes amazing single-sentence stories.

Now don't tell any other poets, but my main feeling from the weekend is this:- maybe there are too many poetry events and not enough story ones?

Do you like to listen to stories or prefer to read them? ...Or would you rather just hug your bunny (not a euphemism)?


  1. I prefer to read. Gives me the chance to go back and relish excellent sentences.

  2. That Claire Massey...she's a prints-ess!

    Loved Parallel Conservatory. You should do more of that. I suppose Parallel24 is out of the question?

  3. I prefer reading than listening, but I'm hopping over to Flashmob to listen to yours!

    Ellie Garratt

  4. Hi Clare, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday. I really enjoyed both of your stories, especially Parallel Conservatory. I actually thought it was quite sad.

  5. Dave - I always say that when chatting to people about audio books. I'm terrible for re-reading bits I like. But I really liked being carried along with these short ones in the author's own voices... and much easier to listen to than poetry.

    Martin - She ought to have a page boy with her? I do write short stories - did I not mention? What would Parallel24 be?... no, no, don't start me off...

    Ellie - Actually, 'they' say you should read your own stuff out to yourself to help you spot any anomalies, repetitiveness etc

    Claire - Thanks! Yes, it fits into that lesser-known sub-genre of 'slightly sad smut'. I LOVED your story about the granddad who grew cities from seeds!! Magic.