Saturday, 4 June 2011

More Assistance Dogs

Following on from the Duke of Edinburgh (... gosh, I never thought I'd be saying those words), I've thought of some more possible assistance dogs - hopefully a tad more politically correct than his idea.

Chatty dogs for the reticent

Ridiculous dogs for the sensible

Thinking dogs for the stupid

Attractive dogs for the ugly

Scintillating dogs for the dull

Hot dogs for the chilly

Organised dogs for the scatter-brained

Instant dogs for the impatient

Shaggy dogs for the socially inept

Tasty dogs for the hungry

and (although I don't think this will catch on) Living dogs for the dead


  1. Of course some of those have varied uses - hot dogs for the hungry, for instance.

    You forgot homing dogs for those who are navigationally-challenged.

  2. Our dogs run a mile at the thought of doing anything useful. Apart from being attractive of course.

  3. Sickasadogs for the hungover?

  4. How about Reservoir Dogs for the dehydrated?

  5. Gonetothedogs for the dissolute and debauched?

  6. Dave - I thought ALL dogs were homing dogs? Maybe there should be homing dogs for the homeless?

    Rog - ... which was th on my list (tee hee!) ... they could be Unspecified dogs for those unwilling to be pigeon-holed

    Fran - LOL - nice ones! Or Hair-of-the-dogs? *hic*

    Martin - Ha ha! Diamond Dogs for the poor?

  7. I have no suggestions, but a most enjoyable chain of thought!