Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rejection, acceptance and an invitation

No, I'm not dead in a ditch. Ta for asking.

I've been very busy: projects, clear-outs, work, events... even sending stuff out (stories, poems, madey-up stuff) and getting it sent back mostly.

In fact, can any of you writerly-types out there top this:
4 rejections in one 24hr period!

That's so bad it's good!

Having expertly perfected the art of rejection, you may except some introspection. But am I dejected? No!

Because in the midst of rejection there is acceptance:

Acceptance that some fall on stony ground... but also REAL acceptances:

  • My poem Excavation was accepted by Shot Glass Review.
  • Another poem was accepted by Shit Creek Review - to be published later this year.
  • Another won 2nd prize in Northampton Open Poetry Competition's rhyming category - again I'll put a link up when it's online.

Flash Mob launch

I'm also very proud to have been chosen for one of Lancaster Litfest's prestigious publications - Flash Mob (Flax026) - click on that link and scroll down to listen to me reading my story Brother - Killed by Radiator, and the other fine stories too, or you can read it HERE.

The collection (pictured above) is being launched this Saturday, 11th June at The Storey, Lancaster from 3pm - it's a free event and you're all welcome to come along for readings, wine and nibbles if you are anywhere near Lancaster. You'll be able to download it from the link above once its launched.

p.s. If you want to avoid rejection and losing, here are a few useful hints and tips from Who the fudge is Benjamin Judge


  1. Much as I like a nibble, I don't think I'm anywhere near Lancaster.

  2. Oh well done, you! Four rejections in one day is mighty impressive!
    Whereas I mightn't be able to top that, I can well beat in the consecutive-rejections-without-the-saving-grace-of-an-acceptance stakes

  3. Congratulations, Clare! I do love the name of the Review...

    And I listened to your Brother story - it was really good! You had me hooked, I really though he was dead. Nice accent, too...:)

  4. Dave - Actually the nibbles were rather disappointing but the stories weren't!

    Peter - Oh, this isn't my record of consecutive rejections, just the most in 24hours! I think 18 consecutive rejections was the record (that was 18 markets - but some of them were several items to the same market, so number of items rejected would be higher!) Like I say - some fall on stony ground.

    Deborah - Thanks so much! I like getting that reaction - when I read it I make sure to tell everyone (in all honesty) that it is a completely true story, told exactly as it happened.

  5. Just listened to your story. So, that's what you sound like? Just as I had imagined. Excellent tale, too.

  6. Loved the Brother story. Very sharp. I've sent you an email, btw.