Friday, 15 July 2011

Other places where I was...

Even if I haven't been on my own blog much lately, I'm all over the web like a rash:

My poem Division of the Spoils won 2nd place in the rhyming category of Northampton Literature Competition (and fellow blogger Peter Goulding of The Stammering Poet came 2nd in the Humour category - his poem is up there too!).

My poem The day our prayers turned into dogs has been published in the 'God(s)' issue of The Shit Creek Review.

Another short poem, Excavation is in the Shot Glass Journal.

A couple of 100 word micro fiction stories are up on Flashshot too... though this link only shows the last ten, so they'll have gone in a few days if you're reading this later!

Also, you can read (or listen to me reading) my story: Brother - killed by radiator at Lancaster Litfest's Flashmob - Flax026

I've mentioned that one before, but I forgot to say that they also did a whole biography and a photoshoot - which was kind of embarrassing... especially when I saw the results!

So, what do you think - should I go with the moody b&w (and I mean the one on the right, not my 'grumpy cow' picture) or should I stick with the cheery, cuddly flower motif ?


  1. I like both Claire... change is as good as a rest?

  2. Speaking as a photographer, the B&W one:

    a. Looks like something from the 60's (I don't mean it makes you look like a pensioner).

    b. The out of focus pendant looks at a casual glance like a large mole.

    Personally i don't think it does you justice.

  3. Oh, and the colour photo on your biography: the lipsticks the wrong shade. You need something more in the warm side of red.

    I have decided to become gay, by the way.

  4. Please don't take any of my comments personally - I'm criticising the photo, not the subject.

  5. Dave - a) I AM something from the 60's ... LOL b) are you having a pop at my large pendant-shaped mole?
    p.s. I know the lipstick's the wrong shade... I don't wear it that often, forgot it on the day and had to buy a new one at Lime Street Station in a rush! And you know how expensive the better quality ones are... don't you Dave? ;-)

  6. Dave - p.p.s. You've decided to become gay? I have that effect on men!

  7. I wouldn't take any of that from Dave.

    But I do agree with him about the B&W. I like the angle - it's always more interesting when people don't look right at the camera.

  8. I've decided to become straight again now.

  9. Hey, congrats on all of this. Even though I've now learned I'm always going to be behind on commenting, I do keep an eye on your doings through the feed & always enjoy seeing what you're up to. As for the photos, I confess I'm fond of the flower--it's got that "touch of whimsy" I associate with you and so enjoy, though I must say the B&W one is glam indeed.

  10. I rather like the picture of you on the left of this post in your wolf-woman get up. It's fetching.

  11. I liked the lipstick ..... and I've decided to become gay too.

    He he he!

    That black and white one above looks good. All arty farty and creative looking.

    It sounds like you are doing really well with the poetry - good on you! ;-)

  12. Blimey, you have been busy! Well done!