Friday, 29 July 2011

Lowest common denominator

I was going to apologise for being completely distracted by my recent injury and spare you further pictures.


...then I got to thinking: amongst all my posts - literary, philosophical, scenic, comic, informative - the blog and Facebook posts which have attracted by far the greatest number of comments were about a bruised bum. Poems too!

Some came to offer sympathy, some to laugh, some out of ghoulish interest in injury, some - it is barely possible - just to look at my buttocks* and some just because everyone else was looking.

It certainly appealed to a broad section of the general populace... in other words, my bruised ass is 'the lowest common denominator'.

From a Public Relations perspective this is fascinating. How can we harness this for publicity purposes? Would it be possible to promote library events more efficiently by slightly injuring endearing, scantily-clad lovelies? Why has no-one thought of titillating the public with semi-nudity and the vague threat of physical harm before?

What? Oh... er... yes...

*gets coat*

* ... which are, apparently, more toned than anyone expected, putting paid to rumours about librarian's bottoms. I told you - it's hard work in a busy library!


  1. Hats off to the cartoonist here! lol

  2. Jinksy - Just the hat, though! The pic is around a lot, I don't know where I got it from or who to credit... if anyone knows I'd be happy to credit!

  3. Yes, your buttocks do look very toned. I think I ought to get a job in a library, if that's one of the benefits.

  4. "...scantily-clad lovelies." Are you suggesting the removal of dust jackets?

  5. Of course we, the general public, have many pleasant dreams about librarians.

  6. Nice picture! I presume the middle one is you - she seems to be balancing precariously on a stool....

  7. If it works for car manufacturers and beer breweries, I see no reason that libraries can't get in on the action as well...(poor choice of words, but probably quite appropriate in this case.)

  8. Fran - Well they do in this pic!

    Martin - Ooh.. how very dare you!

    Dave - I never really think of you as 'the general public Dave!

    Martin - Yes, that is my customary pose.

    MsCaroline - damn, I was doing quite well with the witty responses but I've hit a slump... I'll have to get back to you on that! I know there's a joke in there somewhere...

  9. It's surprising to see how many get a lil' pleasure out of pain. Love your blog, I'll follow along.

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  11. BB: Today, I had occasion to link this very post in a comment to blogger "Suze (Girl Wizard)," who has received her first questionable visitor and was quite worried. She got a lot of interesting advice, yet it seemed to me your post might be the best advice of all: use it as material! Funny old world out there, out of which you've made another very funny post.

  12. I like Martin H.'s comment. :)

  13. Wierd, I posted a picture of my husband's bum and it hardly got any views! :-)

  14. Shockgrubz - Thank you kindly.

    Susan - The only 'questionable' visitor I get is Dave! Thanks for link - will check it out when I'm not being badgered off the public computer by wet borrowers! (It IS my lunch break!)

    Suze - Welcome! I like Martin's comment too... but don't tell him I said so... doh!

    Yonks - Hello, welcome! I'll be checking out your husband's bum later and will be sure to comment! ;-)