Friday, 12 March 2010

Why there are SO MANY songs about librarians

Having asked in my earlier post Why are there no songs about librarians?  I decided to raise the issue on Twitter, expecting little response.  Instead it sparked a pun-fest with over 300 ideas (and counting), my favourites of which I share here for your delectation.  If you're thinking of dabbling in Twitter I can personally recommend everyone listed  here - and more!

After this I will stopping blogging about libraries for a bit!

@BardOfEarth:  Man of constant borrow.

@Tiggythepiggy: Why Do Words Suddenly Appear, Every Time You Are Near?  

@BardOfEarth:  You ain't nothin' but a Bound Log.

@Tiggythepiggy: When I Think Of You, I Touch My Shelf  

@pinkytheflorist: Lend me, break me  

@AmoebaStampede: Place Another Little Fiche on My Cart  

@barbedwyer:  She's in love with me and I feel 20p Fine

@spoiltvt: All You Read Is Love  

@Tiggythepiggy: Hey Big Lender  

@_Monocle_: Gazetteers Of A Clown  

@Tiggythepiggy: I Can See Four Aisles  

@Tiggythepiggy: Take That Book Off Your Face  

@FrankieMcGinty: All by my shelf

@remittancegirl: I cried a river overdue  

@5tubby:   Spinsters are doing it on the shelves

@drfidelius: I Am Thesaurus  

@LauraEmm:  You're Not A Loan

@Billablog: She Shelves Sanctuary  

@JulieRussell:  Blyton time

@philmscribe: I'll Never Get Overdue  

@BioTracer: Will You Still Love Me To Borrow

@JulieRussell:  50 ways to read a cover

@BertSwattermain  What Bookworms of the Broken Hearted

@SplashMan: ISBN Missing You

@sad19: You've Gotta Lend (song as an overduet)

@BertSwattermain:  A-What-Borrow-You-Got-A-Stamp-Bang-Book

@dartacus: What have you done for me late-fee?  

@HashConverter: Let's Stack Together  

@BertSwattermain:  Love Me Lender

@BertSwattermain:  Dewey Decimal Follower of Fashion

@HashConverter: Fool (If you think it's overdue)  

@SymphonyUK: Ticket to Read

@GrahamBandage: A Loan Again Naturally  

@thedrollhouse: All By My Shelf  

@GrahamYapp:  Be Good to Yourshelf

@MrWordsWorth: Where Dewey Go From Here?

Some  of my own contributions (in my alterego):

Return to  Lender

Ticket to the Limit  

Move Over Dorling (Kindersley)

and finally......big Hollywood ending, orchestra rises to a crescendo....(That's why the )The Lady Has A Stamp


  1. Spinsters Are Doing It On The Shelves has created quite an arresting visual image ...

    Bunk up and make some space for a big one, ladies!

  2. Thank you!

    And congratulations. I often wonder where these hashtag games come from. I failed miserably in trying to start one.

  3. ooh *blushes*
    Moptop - always room for YOU!
    Bill - try copying regulars into your first couple (@robinblogg @JulieRussell, @BertSwattermain)
    and ooh *blushes* again

  4. Hang on a minute - you ARE @billablog ... doh! I thought you were Hashtag King and always start them?

  5. I've jumped on a few bandwagons, but never successfully started one. I don't think you can contrive that kind of thing. I would end up trying too hard, like... oh, I don't know.... #cloudsongs - Cumulus Together.
    Nah, lame!

  6. Blogland is heading for a straight jacket and a padded cell if this keeps up...

  7. Thank you. This was quite a fun pun-fest.

  8. I LOVE these! I'm a closet pun-ster.

  9. Loaning on a lamp post?

    Loan On Me?

  10. Late additions: (I Can't Get No) Science Fiction) @dotcomment and I Think We're on Loan Now @ClareD75

    Thanks for your indulgence (and contributions, Martin!, and Maria, I won't tell you again - get out of that closet!

  11. Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm 64 (pounds out of pocket because of overdue fines).

    Or would that one not scan too well?.......

  12. Brilliant! I especially liked Hey Big Lender :o))