Friday, 25 February 2011

Poet Films

Another classic hashtag topic on Twitter has had me giggling this week: #poetfilms

I know many of you haven't got into Twitter so you miss the terrible terrible puns that are rife if you follow the right people (ie witty, clever types, not celebs!)

So I occasionally share some funnies here. Over the last few days, the topic has been films renamed to include famous poets (or poet-related terms). Here are some of my favourites (the @name is the Twitter i.d. of the perpetrator in each case)

@AsininePoetry: The Silence of the Iambs

@Sophie2608: The League of ExtrAuden-ary Gentlemen and Woolfe Creek

@firmpear: Batman Beginsberg

@ _jonb: Baudelaire of the White Worm

@Gerrarrdus Bring me the Head of Alfred, Lord Tennyson

@StevenBettles: Who Framed Roger McGough?

@fulhammatty: The Strange Case of Betjamin Button

@robinbogg: wall-ee cummings

Personal favourite: The Pantoum of the Opera

Oh no! I was going to do my Top Ten but Twitter just got 'overloaded'.

Anyone want to supply any more?


  1. Well, there's Clare's Knee of course.

  2. Oh, and there is of course the Serbian film Lost and Found. What has that to do with anything you ask?

    It's original title was Biro za izgubljene stvari.

  3. Dave - ooh, get you with your avant guard French (and Serbian) movies!

    Fran - Nice one! ... how about The 40 Year Old Virgil?

  4. Here We Go Roundel the Mulberry Bush

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Ballads

    The Odd Couplet

    A Stichic in Time

  5. Well, I see some I didn't write but loved that aren't on the list:

    Truly, Madly, Hegley
    Belloc and Two Smoking Farrells
    Good Wilfred Owen Hunting

    All from our very own @ClareKirwan. Yours for the taking "if you follow the right people (ie witty, clever types, not celebs!)" Correct!

    (now over 600 bleeding followers, has our CK. Zounds!)

  6. Martin - I love 'The Odd Couplet'

    Rainy - *blushes* - I'm going to hire you as my PR 'people'