Sunday, 23 October 2011


I'm delighted to announce that the normally shy and retiring Fran - author of the very funny and popular 'Being Me' blog - has emerged into the limelight of YouTube.

So in case you don't follow her (and if not why not?) I'm posting one of her comedy/poetry performances below for your weekend edification.

It will appeal particularly to parents of teenagers/young adults. If, like me, your nest has always been empty (except for that cuckoo incident in 1993), I can also highly recommend her other poems about poetry versus sex and getting to 'gwips' with twitter.


  1. Ah, poetry. Does rhyme pay?

    What’s big and grey and writes poetry?


    ...T.S. Elephant.

  2. Excellent... like poetry in small does, and this stuff is pretty good I think...

  3. Clare - I'm still laughing at the 'special sherbert' - did you look at the other two she's put up as well?

    Dave - Sadly, not much and not often. Who was the first poet to Tweet about his poems?.... William Birdsworth (I made that up myself)

    Brahm - She's a funny lady. I like poetry generally but have a soft spot for funny.

  4. Martin - hang on a minute... I'M Clare... you're Martin ffs

  5. She is one funny lady, and it was a treat for sure to hear her "live."

  6. Very enjoyable; thanks for the link. I didn’t stop at one.

  7. Hi Clare... sorry I've not been by.. she's good isn't she!

  8. Hey Clare - you're an angel for posting this. Very much appreciated.

  9. Susan - Wasn't it just?

    Little Nell - They are moreish aren't they?

    Clare (and Gary, of course) - Hello Stranger! Worth coming back to Blogland for, eh?

    Fran - An absolute pleasure! Thanks for 'sharing'!