Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Time Travel - ahhh, it takes you back

I need to go back in time for this... I was going to post this just before the Doctor Who series finale, but then I missed bits and ended up watching it all on iPlayer, so in my reality we haven't got to the end yet... and we're looking forward to a heatwave... and I am all the characters in a fictitious version of somebody else's life.

Confused? You may find Army of Dave's Guide to Time Travel useful.

I rarely know exactly what's going on in this sort of programme as I spend most of the time muttering darkly about anomalies in the plot. I've enjoyed the re-invention of the Doctor so I should swerve around the plot holes (they're nowhere near as bad as the dreadful latest Torchwood... don't start me on that). It's all tosh after all... and yet I still have unsettling memories of the old Doctor Who, especially that episode where giant slugs squeezed through mines eating people. Urgh.

But anyway - here's what I wanted to share - Bill Bailey's Belgian jazz version of the Doctor Who theme tune... "c'est lui, dans la nuit... Docteur ...Qui!" I heard this when he first did it and have been quoting it to people for eons so was delighted to find it on YouTube. Enjoy...


  1. Dr Who has never been the same since it moved into colour.

    Bill Bailey reminds me of me so much it's scary.

  2. I fell out love with Dr Who somewhere mid-Tom Baker, although Matt Smith might cut the mustard with a decent script.

    Not a fan of Bill Bailey, either, but this clip made me chuckle.

  3. So disappointed in the writing for this series of Doctor Who - occasional moments of brilliance, ruined by stupid plot twists. Even the James Cordon episode didn't rescue it.
    And as for Torchwood - it's a good job I've got the box set: that's all I have to say!
    (The Bill Bailey clip is genius!)