Saturday, 8 October 2011

On the Library Wall

We put a lot of things on the library wall: posters, pirates, pictures, plaques and post-it notes, fire extinguishers, directions, instructions, clocks and lists.

But last week I was delighted to find myself on this most beautiful library wall at Paraxis. Go over there now! It's rich with treasures - stories, art and poems all related to libraries.

My contribution is about third along on the bottom - each item opens on it's own if you click on it. I especially love Fat Roland's 'Libraries that no longer exist' which is very silly as you'll see from the first line: "Hayle Library: wheeled down th road by monkeys"

I'm afraid it knocks my own '100 words' library-themed competition (which I haven't mentioned here as it was only open to Wirral Library members) off the leader board. This is how I showed our winning entries. It's not nearly so pretty is it?


  1. Ooh, that looks interesting. I clicked on the pic though so I could read what you recommended and couldn't work out how to click on the individual recommendations. Probably me being doughnut!

  2. Follow the link in the text Annie.

  3. Dave - Not real pirates - cut-out pirates for an event next week nothing to do with me!

    Annie - sorry - not at all sure how to put a picture on a link. I'm sure I've managed it before but have forgotten! So it's the text link as Dave says.