Thursday, 30 September 2010

But first, a message from our sponsors...

There's been concern in library circles since Minister Ed Vaizey published the Future Libraries Programme to "help the service during the challenging financial situation" by suggesting libraries be privatised, or run by voluntary groups or retailers.

Why stop there? Retailers could help spread the hideous cost of reading by more targeted sponsorship of books. 

I've already started approaching local stores and can announce that the following are now available on loan:

Tesco of d'Urbervilles

The Mayor of Asdabridge

Boots the Alchemist

Alice’s Adventures in Poundland

Animal Farmfoods

Bleak House of Fraser

Brave New World of Carpet

Abacan – His Dark Materials

La Senza and Sensibility

MorriSons and Lovers

Lidl House on the Prairie

Aldi Presidents Men

I'm sure you, dear readers, will have your own ideas of other retailers who may be encouraged to support our beleaguered libraries by sponsoring a book...? 


  1. Last Exit to Budgens


    The Tragedy of Macdonald's

    Nineteen Eighty-Fortnum's

    Homer's Ikealiad

  2. The Best Little Carphone Whorehouse in Texas.

  3. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (and Spencer)

  4. The Voyage of the Market Trader by John Lewis

  5. You know when people say LOL and they aren't really laughing out loud? Well I really, really am, you clever bunnies!

    Philip - I liked the Ikealiad, but I think Nineteen Eighty Fortnums squeaks ahead

    Dave - I hadn't thought of prizes - and IF (big 'if') there were your The Best Little Carphone Whorehouse in Texas would be well placed... so far

    Ellie - ...and yours is up there too (Maybe Umberto Eco's 'Name of the Waitrose' too?)

  6. I'm too upset (ok, not clever enough) to think of anything witty - we've already had our hours cut once with the promise there'll be more cuts on the way.

    Run by retailers? Tut.

  7. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Waterstone.

  8. Karen - I'm so sorry - didn't intend to offend. Scary times.

    Fran - Treasure Aisle-land is a great name for a library - I may adopt it!

    Doctor - .com!!!

    Dave - Haha! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Abakhan (it's local, ok?)

  9. Burger King Solomon's Mines

    Murder on the Orient Pizza Express

    The Secret Life of Bees (and Q)

    Lidl Women

    Aldi President's Men

  10. Moptop - yay! And here's me thinking Aldi good ones were taken (actually the Aldi one was but you know I'm not one to quibble! And that B&Q one should have been mine, dammit!!!

    Just thought of another:
    PC World According to Garp