Saturday, 8 January 2011

King Kenny with the comedy ears

So Kenny Dalglish is the new manager of Liverpool FC... (and they say I know nothing about football ...hah!).

Well I may know nothing about football but I've had my mitts on Sir Kenny! Here's myself and the plucky Scottish footie star at the auction for superlambananas towards the end of Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture in 2008.

Obviously it was not me who took the picture - though I'm sure I could hardly have improved on the positioning of Kenny's head exactly between the ears of the Everton Superlambanana!

In fact, I believe I may have stumbled upon the Mayor of Liverpool (I was quite intoxicated and more than a little emotional that night - for reasons I won't go into here) and demanded he take the snap. So all credit to him.

... erm... there's also this picture of me and Jimmy Corkhill from Brookside, and Craig from the very first Big Brother.

The event was very swish, with bubbly and canapes and a series of trendy little tiny mini-meals -fish 'n' 3 chips, titchy burger, more bubby... I forget after that.... And it all took place in Liverpool's prestigious St George's Hall - which has a very famous floor (which I may have ended up on!).

And no, I didn't end up with a Superlambanana for Wirral.

But at least I tried.


  1. Well, if Kenny doesn't get a result against Man U tomorrow, you might have to send in Tommy McArdle! Either that, or make sure there are Superlambananas on the subs bench.

  2. Love that picture of him with the yellow ears.

  3. OK, so I definitely had to have translation help on this one. I take it there is a BIG GAME tomorrow and anyone who wants to remain blog pals with brokenbiro had better not be seen rooting for Manchester United. Am I close? (And, no sweat, you've got my vote!)

  4. Football's that game that interrups the cricket, right?

  5. There's a 't' missing from interrups. I've taken a lot of drugs and am seeing double at the moment. It's amazing my twenty fingers can hit all those keys.

  6. Kenny's been big in our house for ever. with and without ears?

    But what are superlambananas?

  7. Martin - Man WHO?

    Fran - it was ages before I even noticed the ears! Haha!

    Rainy - Oh, I wouldn't know about games or anything. I just know Kenny has just taken over management of Liverpool Football Club - they're our little local team who I understand have been doing rather poorly of late.

    Dave - I just spent ages looking for that spelling mistake before realising you were correcting yourself not me! Doh!

    Friko - I'm glad you asked... remiss of me not to put that link in (which I have now - above!). The original Superlambanana is a notorious sculpture in Liverpool which many people hated until 125 individually-designed replicas were scattered around the city in 2008 (which were later auctioned - at the event I described). Now it is an icon of the city!