Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Write around the world

This is me with the whole world in my hands.

On this day two years ago today me and my best friend set off on our Big Adventure - to backpack around the world for 9 months -a trip that began in Bangkok, took us on a whistle-stop spin through SE Asia, campervan tour of Australia, motoring around New Zealand, a (slightly traumatic) stop in Fiji, then on to Chile (which I'm watching on the news as I write - such moving pictures from the San Jose mine), Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

I haven't mentioned it much here because (a) it souns a bit like gloating) and (b) this isn't a travel blog - if it was I'd have a lot more to say on the subject. I'm even considering starting an additional travel blog like my new chum L'Aussie... but how could I fit it all in?

As I always used to say: 'It's a small world - but I wouldn't like to hoover it.'  

But I was wrong. It's effing ENORMOUS!

So from time to time over the next 9 months I may drop a little travel tidbit into the mix here, just to share some amazing pictures and experiences - hope regular readers are ok with that?

Meanwhile, here's a taster...


  1. Wow! What with this and the money saving tips, this is a must-see-blog!

  2. I can't decide if Rog is being ironic.

  3. Dave - I was thinking the same thing...

    Rog - are you being ironic?

  4. No honestly! Those pics look fab and must tell a hundred stories. I'm in awe...when I tried to hitchhike round the world I got to just south of Paris.

  5. A tempting collage, if ever I saw one...

  6. I think this is a great idea & look forward to it!

  7. I've done this my mind.

    I suppose I'm an 'armchair tourist'. I like to be able to make a cuppa, halfway across the Sahara, without sand blowing in my face. Bring on the stories, you can't count me in your audience.

  8. You see how excited I am, at the prospect? I, of course, meant to say, you CAN count me in your audience.

  9. Jinksy - I may not have been to the University of Life, but I have been to a Collage of Further Edification!

    RA - glad you think so... erm... which bit is a great idea - doing it here, or an additional travel-related blog?

    Martin - you had me worried there for a minute!