Sunday, 17 October 2010

My 100th Post!

I thought I'd missed my 100th post. I was counting them from my 'edit posts' list, but that figure included draft notes of future posts. Doh!

So hurray for my 100th post! To celebrate, I'm going to take the 7 Link Challenge from ProBlogger.

My First Post: Where do ideas come from Mummy?  In which I suggest 'free writing' to extract weird stuff from your subconscious... hey, it works for me!  I had one comment...I was out there!

The Post I Enjoyed Writing the Most: I'm torn between two (1) Why are there so many songs about librarians? was great fun because I had put a call out on Twitter for spoof library songs and got some brilliant ones which I then did a post about, giggling all the way and (2) National Double Entendre Week for obvious reasons.

A Post With a Great Discussion: I couldn't choose one from here because I get such great comments on a regular basis, so I'm cheating a bit. I'm also one of the 'cooks' on the Fridge Soup blog and this went up there, although perhaps here is its rightful home: Dr Strangelove Actually - this was great fun because loads of people joined in. 

A Post I Wish I Had Written: 'How I made my first million'... oh, it has to be a real one from someone else! Gosh that's hard... [three hours later] This is where I wish I'd somehow bookmarked my faves as I'm sure there are ones I've forgotten... don't make me choooooooose! But I am especially envious of Fran's lists & literary rewrites in Being Me - like this one on 'cyber lit, Moptop's National Euphemism Week and #Banned lists. Oh and pretty well anything by the erudite Dogberry at The Inky Fool, a fine example of which is: Snarling Snobs and Sniggering Sneaks

A Post With a Title I'm Proud Of: This one, of course!

My Most Helpful Post: Probably Twitter - 7 Steps to Getting Started because I know a lot of people find Twitter as confusing as I did when I started out, but I do think I've got the hang of what it is and what it's for now

A Post I Wish More People Had Read: I'd have De-motivational Posters because no-one has ever commented but StatCounter it's one of my most often-viewed posts, but with random surfers not followers, because no-one had ever commented. So instead I'll say Making Headlines 

I've probably missed some cracking posts from you all, I'm keen for followers to take this challenge* or at least to leave a link in the comments to your best post or the one you wish more people had read.  Pleeeeeease... it is my 100th!

You know how to put a link in comments don't you? You just put your lips together and ... no, that was something else. Here's how: put the html code below into your normal comment - the parts between the <>brackets won't show but have to be exactly right.  Notice how I've spelled/spelt 'website' wrong deliberately to show you how easy it is to bugger this up - but have a go!:

*If you choose to do your own 7-link challenge, please do say so in the comments (and on  ProBlogger comments too!)


  1. Congratulations! I love the way you have reviewed your 100 posts; a great way for some of your newer followers to learn more about you. Yay for 100 posts!

  2. 100? Having been blogging for six years, it seems I've written 1,973 posts. You want me to pick out one? You're 'avin' a larf.

  3. Ellie - It was your blog that gave me the idea I should be celebrating - thanks!

    Dave - They're not all about bricklaying are they? (Just teasing, Dave!)

  4. Happy 100th!
    I'm coming back to read your best ones.
    I don't know if I have a favourite post, I consider it an achieveement that I post anything at all!

  5. Congratulations! I came late to the party, so I’m particularly pleased to be here for the big day.

    I remember that Dr. Strangelove Actually post, marveled at how clever the other comments were, and labored to come up with something passable without success. My mate (who now follows you on twitter) and I kept at it while driving to the airport to fly off to—you guessed it—Wales. I even kept notes so we could report back, but of course have lost them. Nonetheless, here are a few more attempts: Apocalypse Now Voyager, How Green Was My Valley of the Dolls, Around the World in 80 Days of Wine and Roses, and Still of the Night of the Living Dead Poet’s Society.

    At the time I thought, who is this brokenbiro?, clicked the link, and arrived at the hilarious, spot-on I was hooked right at the get-go and have never looked back.

    I look forward to your next 100 posts (as well as the novel . . .)

    Warm regards,


  6. Congratulations! Here's to many more from the nib of Broken Biro.

    Purely because I'm passionate about the way we educate our kids, By Rote

  7. Congratulations on your 100th birthday. (Do you get a letter from the Queen?) And thanks for the shout. I don't know how many blogs I've done. I'll go and find out how to find out ...

  8. Penandpaints - Hello, and thanks for following! Don't be shy... (everyone's being shy actually)

    Rainy - Thank you so much for your lovely comments - and keeping the hybrid movies on the go (good ones!)... I might have to come back to them here at some point

    Martin - Thanks Martin... I think you were one of my very first followers. Well done for still being here - and for being the only person to share a post with me here!

    Fran - Thank you, a comment from all of you will do nicely. I don't know if this is my blog birthday or a year from when I first started - which it isn't quite yet, but hey, any excuse...